Zagreb – Zagreb

I know the header looks funny but it is true the cafe name is Zagreb. I didn’t write worng 🙂

Our accommodation was so close to Zagreb café and we passed by several times. It was crowded all the time. And finally, we decided to try their ice cream. It was super delicious. You feel like, you are eating the real fruit. And then we became addicted and stopped by here every day. One scoop was 9 kuna which is approximately, 1.2 euro.

There is outdoor seating area. You will see the crowd anytime during the day. I haven’t tried their desserts but they were also looking so yummy.

It is close to old town. You just need to walk a bit from Jelacic Square. If you try desserts, let me know. I am wondering your feedbacks.

Ljubljana – Vigo

Vigo is in the old town of Ljubljana. If you are there on Saturday, there is wine tasting in the old town so you can skip Vigo because it is behind the stalls.

There are 20 different ice cream and they are all Vigo’s specialities. Ice creams are so light and tasty.


You can get cooler in Vigo with a scoop of ice cream.