Athens – Philos Cafe

Have you seen the “Kolonaki” – wealthy and upmarket district in Athens? If not, having a breakfast at “Philos Café” is a good idea to see this luxury part of the city with famous brands’ and haute couture shops, nice cafes, The Benaki museum…

There was a summer holiday in Athens and some of the shops were closed. “Philos Café” was also closed but luckily they were back from holiday on my last day in Athens.

I found “Philos Café” on Instagram before I went to Athens. I liked their decoration and presentation of the food. So I wanted to go and try. Decoration was simple but fancy.  They have also small shop upstairs.


Customers were mainly foreigners. I was expecting more local to be honest.

Prices are above the average but you are in Kolonaki. I assume, it is like having a breakfast in “Nisantasi”, “Champs-Elysees” or “Beverly Hills”.

We ordered “Veggie Sandwich”, “2 fried eggs with baby spinach” and two Americano. Sandwich was nice. Especially I liked the bread. Eggs came top of the breads and under the eggs, there were baby spinach with some other green vegetables and anise. I wanted to try something different that’s why I ordered this egg with anise but anise wasn’t spreaded equally inside ingredients. The taste was too strong on my bread while my friend’s bread was ok. So I will not recommend you this food but there are so many options on their menu. My recommendation will be the bowls and sandwiches.

Total bill was 21 Euro for one sandwich, one fried egg and two Americanos. If you are looking for a fancy and picturesque place, you can go to Philos Café.

Athens – Voliotiko Tsipouradiko

You shouldn’t leave Athens without;

  • trying ouzo,
  • listening to Greek music,
  • eating souvlaki.

We were looking for a place with the live Greek music and close to Monastiraki Square. We found this restaurant by chance on our first day in Athens. And we started to walk to narrow streets and followed the music. Here you go. “Voliotiko Tsipouradiko” came across us.

Their outdoor area was so lovely. Tables were under trees and there were frames on the wall. It is a bit far from the touristic area that’s why prices were below the average. There were more local people than tourists.


We didn’t order much things here because we were already full with gyros from the afternoon. So we ordered “Fava”,”Tzatziki”, “beans pilaki” and “Greek Salad”. I normally eat Fava cold, it was heated here. But taste was okey. I really liked Greek version of Tzatziki. They put more garlic and yoghurt is completely solid. Wherever I go in Athens, I ordered Tzatziki even I am not hungry. “Greek Salad” is a good refreshment in hot weathers.

As a drink, we had “small carafe wine” and glass of “ouzo”. Ouzo, raki and arak are similar drinks. Their alcohol percentage and probably the distillation techniques are different. Greek people drink ouzo with ice. So they just put ouzo inside the glass and put a few pieces ices. That’s why it was strong for me and I added some water on it. But it is a nice complimentary with mezzes.


And the music group was so nice, cheerful and you see they also enjoy with you.

We paid 32 euros for three mezzes, two glasses of ouzo, one glass of wine and one small carafe wine.

If you want to have your dinner in a nice ambiance with Greek music and reasonable prices, I highly recommend you “Voliotiko Tsipouradiko”. No problem if you are not hungry. Just order some mezzes and ouzos and enjoy with the Greek music like we did.

Athens – Kuzina

I am starting my food experiences in Athens with Kuzina because it became my favourite and will never forget all the things I ate there.

The restaurant terrace has a lovely view of Akropolis. I think whoever goes to Athens must have a dinner or drink something with this amazing view. You need to make a reservation. We made our reservation before we went to Athens and we had a really nice table. There are time slots in this restaurant for the reservation and you need to have your dinner in 2 hours. Our reservation was from 19.30-21.45. We had a chance to see the sunset. I am not sure if this system is for terrace tables or all tables.

We chose “Zucchini balls” and “Grilled meat balls” as appetizers. “Zucchini balls” is so similar to “Mucver” in Turkish cuisine but these ones were juicier. I don’t have enough word to describe “Meat balls”. They are the most delicious meat balls in my life. I tried it in so many places. But this was something different. I could have eaten it every day during my Athens trip but I need to try something else. Portions are so big. “Meat balls” could be a main course because there are four pieces in one portion and it is enough for a person. We also ordered “Fresh green salad” with the appetizers. Portion was big as usual and they were generous in terms of the ingredients.


Main courses were “Risotto with pumpkin” and “Chicken fillet”. I normally don’t like risotto because most of the places have mushroom risotto or cheese risotto which I don’t prefer. In this restaurant, they do pumpkin risotto. I just took a spoon of it and feel in love with risotto. It is not overcooked, taste is amazing. If my first experience with risotto was this one, risotto would be my favourite food. Now, I have really high expectations for risotto when I go to a restaurant.


My only dissatisfaction was “Chicken fillet”. It was too dry for me and nothing special about the taste. This was the last food for me after all these amazing tastes may be that’s why I didn’t like it. But I suggest you to choose something different than “Chicken fillet”. There are many options.


We also ordered a bottle of wine. Total bills was 91 euros for two appetizers, one salad, two main courses and one bottle of wine. The restaurant is on the Michelin guide. This price is normal for a Michelin guide restaurant.


Before we left the Kuzina, we wanted to meet the chef – Aris Tsanaklidis. He was so kind and smiling. I want to thank to him and his team from here.

You can learn more information about Kuzina here.