Doha – Chi Zen

Dear Asian food lover folks, from this way please…

Chi zen is the first restaurant where I have tried Asian food in Doha. This self-contained place is located at Oryx Rotana Hotel with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. They also offer delivery service but if you have a chance it is better to go there to eat the newly cooked fresh foods.

There is a ala cart menu. They also have business lunch menu within the weekdays from 12-4 pm. 3 course menu is 85QR while 2 course menu is 75 QR.

Starter is their complimentary chips.

For me, their best menu item is Hot&sour soup. I can eat this soup everyday. It made me a kind of addiction. It is highly recommended. Please reserve a space in your stomach for the soup.

If you like tom yum soup, it was also delicious. There is more ingredients then the usual one but still delicious.

I have also tried sweet and sour chicken and crispy chili beef. They are served with rice. Portion looks small but it is enough to make you full.

Final was deep fried ice cream which I can’t recommend you. Ice cream was not delicious at all and the fried part was oily. I didn’t enjoy with it.

If you are looking for a new place to discover, you can give a chance to Chi Zen. You will not be regretful at all.


Doha – Yasmine Palace

I have been planning to go to “Yasmine Palace” since it has opened. I will leave Qatar soon so I thought it is time to go and try their menu.

This two-level restaurant is located in Pearl. There are different concepts inside Jasmine Palace. We had our dinner at “Andalusia”.

If you are a modest person, the decoration of the restaurant may be a bit much. The furniture, paint, floor and even the forks are all decorated in gold color dominantly. There is a small fountain in the middle of the restaurant and in the background it plays authentic music.

You will be welcomed with a drink and mezze plate. So you don’t need to order mezze separately.

We weren’t aware of the complimentary mezze plate, that’s why we have ordered “Muhamara” and “Mutabal”as cold appetizer. Mezzes were so fresh and tasty.

“Batata Mutafayeh” is my favourite snack since I came to Doha. Unfortunately, there is just one place to eat best Batata located in Souq so far. Others are on average including “Yasmin Palace”.

We have made the final with “Mix Grill”. It comes with rice and enough for 2 people. Meats were grilled on barbeque. They were so soft and delicious. Nothing was left in the plate at the end of the dinner 🙂

The restaurant is a bit pricey but if you want to indulge yourself in delicious Arabic food then “Yasmine Palace” is the correct address.

You can find their menu here.

Doha – Champions Sports Bar

I’ve been living in Doha for over two and a half years, and I’m ashamed for how I’ve missed this place so far.

Walls are covered with screens broadcasts different channels. There are both bar area and table service. It is a smoke free area but there is also a designated part for the smokers. Reservations is not accepted. Hurry up, go early, choose your table, order your drinks and lay back.

Screens are everywhere

There is happy hour at Champions between 5-9 pm and the prices are still reasonable after the taxation. They have a simple bar menu and there is something for everybody including vegetarians.

We ordered “Champions Sampler” includes fire wings, cheeseburger sliders, fully loaded cheese and onion rings. Each item is on the menu separately but you can try all in one shot with sampler.

Fire wings – I loved them. I can eat it three times in a day 🙂

Cheeseburger sliders – Burger was delicious. It tastes like homemade. They look small but after the first one, half of your stomach will be full.

Fully loaded cheese – It is not like French fries. Goes perfectly well with a pint of beer.

Onion rings – I am not a fan of onion rings. I haven’t eaten enough onion rings so I can’t make an honest comment 🙂

This place took its place among my favourite places. I will definitely go again soon. Actually, I may go this Friday. Let me think 🙂

Doha – Paul

It has been a long time since my last post and I am back with “Paul” review. Most of you can think that “Paul” is a chain and it is same in everywhere but the menu is different for each country depends on country’s culture and eating habits. In addition, they have changed their menu recently.

I have been in Pearl branch for breakfast and it is becoming my routine. The cafe is full on every Friday and Saturday mornings. It makes you feel like you are in somewhere in Europe.

Paul’s most popular breakfast item on their menu is “Le Petit Dejeuner”. It includes drinks, bread, croissant, jam and egg. It is very pocket friendly.

Our choice were “Breakfast Bowl” and  “Scrambled egg vol-au-vent”. Both of them were looking so small on the menu and I had some doubts if the portion is big enough to feel full. Once the food came, I was shocked, specifically for the “Breakfast Bowl”. It is gigantic, super delicious but difficult to eat 🙂 You will have hard times to cut the bread but it worthy.

“Scrambled egg vol-au-vent” – You can ask for hash brown potatoes as a side dish instead of salad.


“Breakfast Bowl” – There is a tomato sauce with green pepper and some herbs inside the bread. It taste is like “Sakshuka”.


I can’t think to finish my visit to “Paul” without “Cinnamon and Vanilla latte”. It is my latest favourite. I think it is one the best drink while the winter is at the doorstep. Hope you will enjoy having your breakfast at “Paul” as much as I enjoyed.

Doha – Al Sultan Brahim

Here you go is another Lebanese cuisine in Doha. “Al Sultan Brahim” is located at St Regis, a separate building just outside the hotel. This restaurant is a rare found place where you can eat mezze and drink arak together.

This is the second time for me in “Al Sultan Brahim” and it is a nice place for friend gathering. It is quiet and service is nice. In my first experience, there was a confusion about reservation and the seating area and it was a bit bad experience as a first impression in terms of service. But this time, staff was so helpful and kind.

We ordered “Fattouch Salad”, “Spicy Olives”, “Warak Inab”, “Hommos Beiruti”, “Spicy Patato”, “Breaded Calamari” and “Tripoli’s Harra”. And one bottle of Arak. All the mezzes were delicious and portions are big enough to share. They also bring hot and freshly baked pitas. “Hommos Beiruti” was a bit different than what I ate before in “Al Sufra”. I don’t know which version is correct. This version was served with tomatos. But both are delicious for me because I don’t feel like I am eating Hommos.

Arak is similar to Turkish raki. So there is a mezze and raki culture in Turkey, too. That’s why it is nice to find somewhere with the similar concept in Doha. So if you are looking for a place to experience Arak and mezzes together, you can visit “Al Sultan Brahim”.


*Just a small tip about this place. If you order a bottle of Arak and can’t finish the whole bottle, restaurant keeps it for a month under your name.

You can learn more information about Al Sultan Brahim here.

Doha – Hudson Tavern

Hudson Tavern” is located at Mondrian Hotel, Doha. I like the hotel concept. It is so fancy, modern and the most important thing is close to my house. All the cafes and restaurants inside the hotel are high profile places.

It is a nice getaway bar after work. You can either drink a few beers in the bar area or you can enjoy with the burgers and some snacks in dining area longer hours.


I like eating burgers but specifically hand crafted burgers. Once you taste the handcrafted burgers, you ask yourself “if this is the real burger what I ate in McDonald or Burger King”. It is a joke. We already know the difference.

Hamburgers are quite big for a person and delicious. And for sure, you need a pint beer to complete your culinary journey.


I also tried their snacks: “Chili cheese nachos” and “fish & fries”. Ingredients on the Chili cheese nachos were so generous and it is enough to make you full. Fish &fries was so crunchy and fresh.

Staff are so cheerful and always serve with a big smile. Haven’t you been here yet? Call your friends and plan your next night out at Hudson Tavern.

You can learn more information about Hudson Tavern here.


Doha – Al Sufra

Al Sufra” is a Middle Eastern restaurant, located at Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha. The restaurant was chosen as “Best MENA restaurant” in 2018 by Time Out Doha.

“Al Sufra” called “Sofra” in Turkish, means “dining table”. And this restaurant offered us an amazing dining table. From cold mezzeh to dessert, everything was exceptional.

The place is furnished in modern Arabic style. The small fountains inside the restaurant and slow Arabic background music are so relaxing. That’s why I think it is a perfect place for friends gathering and business meetings.


We ordered “Tabbouleh Salad”, “Trio Hummus” (traditional, spicy and Beyrouty), “Mohammara” and “Baba Ghanouj” as cold appetizers. “Batata Harra” and “Hummus Fatteh Bil Laban” as hot appetizers. My favourite from the cold ones was Trio Hummus specifically spicy and Beyrouty. If you don’t like Hummus like me, you can try spicy and Beyrouty. You don’t feel the chickpeas taste at all. Fatteh Bil Laban was the best I have ever tried. Some restaurants put more cumin and you can’t taste the other ingredients rather than cumin. But here, all the ingredients were in balance.


As a main course, we ate “Mix Mashawi Platter”. Portion is for two people but if you ordered so many appetizers like us, probably you can’t finish. Lamb chops were juicy and delicious. The kofte was not very suitable for my taste. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to Turkish kebabs ☺️


And finally the dessert part. Unfortunately we could taste one dessert since we were so full. We saw an image on internet and show the waiter to order the same dessert 🙈 To be honest, presentation was better than the taste 🤔It is so light and not sweet. You feel the cream more. So you can try another dessert and share your feedbacks with me.


In overall, I will definitely go Al Sufra again to try their other menu items. Obviously, they work hard to offer good quality food. Keep going and see you soon Al Sufra.

You can learn more information about Al Sufra restaurant here.


Doha – Angelina Paris

Angelina Paris is a luxurious café, located on the ground floor at The Gate Mall, Qatar. The cafe has been decorated elegantly and every corner has French breeze.


There is an indoor seating area which is totally isolated from the shopping mall atmosphere. Another seating area is outside the café but still inside the mall and the last seating area is outdoor where the valet parking is.

We went to there for breakfast. We ordered two Angelina Croissants (scrambled egg with a choice of turkey ham, spinach or smoked salmon). And we also had “Egg benedict”. (Poached egg on brioche, hollandaise sauce and choice of beef bacon, turkey ham, spinach or salmon)

Croissants were freshly baked, crispy and delicious. Scrambled egg was inside the croissant. Both of them together was so yummy. Before your stomach gets full, your eyes are getting full.

Eggs benedict were well done. Brioche, spinach and eggs, all flavors work together.


Angelina is one of those places where you can spoil yourself.