Gothenburg – da Matteo

da Matteo is a weel known cafe in Gothenburg and there a few branches within the city. I have come accross with this cafe in “New York times”. The cafe was mentioned as a best cafe in the town and I have decided to give a try. 

I have been in Magasinsgatan branch. As a first impression, Interior design slammed in my eyes. All the baking stuff and kitchen were open to public and this transparency made me feeling like at home.

They serve buffet breakfast and lunch during day. Don’t think a huge open buffet section, this ones is a small corner table. In addition to this buffet, there are also pastries, pizzas, salads, coffees.

We have tried yoghurt, kokostopp and a sandwich. Yoghurt is not a plain one, there was also some fruits, seeds and granolas. It was super delicious. Most of the people were eating yoghurt early in the morning. Sandwich was a bit dry for me but bread was amazing. Kokostopp is a coconut cookie and it was really light and enough to stop your sugar craving.

I couldn´t try pizzas but they were looking so delicious. If you try please let me know if you like it or not. Even if you are not hungry, you need to stop by this cafe just for a drink to smell the fresh baked breads and coffee.

Doha – Paul

It has been a long time since my last post and I am back with “Paul” review. Most of you can think that “Paul” is a chain and it is same in everywhere but the menu is different for each country depends on country’s culture and eating habits. In addition, they have changed their menu recently.

I have been in Pearl branch for breakfast and it is becoming my routine. The cafe is full on every Friday and Saturday mornings. It makes you feel like you are in somewhere in Europe.

Paul’s most popular breakfast item on their menu is “Le Petit Dejeuner”. It includes drinks, bread, croissant, jam and egg. It is very pocket friendly.

Our choice were “Breakfast Bowl” and  “Scrambled egg vol-au-vent”. Both of them were looking so small on the menu and I had some doubts if the portion is big enough to feel full. Once the food came, I was shocked, specifically for the “Breakfast Bowl”. It is gigantic, super delicious but difficult to eat 🙂 You will have hard times to cut the bread but it worthy.

“Scrambled egg vol-au-vent” – You can ask for hash brown potatoes as a side dish instead of salad.


“Breakfast Bowl” – There is a tomato sauce with green pepper and some herbs inside the bread. It taste is like “Sakshuka”.


I can’t think to finish my visit to “Paul” without “Cinnamon and Vanilla latte”. It is my latest favourite. I think it is one the best drink while the winter is at the doorstep. Hope you will enjoy having your breakfast at “Paul” as much as I enjoyed.

Athens – Philos Cafe

Have you seen the “Kolonaki” – wealthy and upmarket district in Athens? If not, having a breakfast at “Philos Café” is a good idea to see this luxury part of the city with famous brands’ and haute couture shops, nice cafes, The Benaki museum…

There was a summer holiday in Athens and some of the shops were closed. “Philos Café” was also closed but luckily they were back from holiday on my last day in Athens.

I found “Philos Café” on Instagram before I went to Athens. I liked their decoration and presentation of the food. So I wanted to go and try. Decoration was simple but fancy.  They have also small shop upstairs.


Customers were mainly foreigners. I was expecting more local to be honest.

Prices are above the average but you are in Kolonaki. I assume, it is like having a breakfast in “Nisantasi”, “Champs-Elysees” or “Beverly Hills”.

We ordered “Veggie Sandwich”, “2 fried eggs with baby spinach” and two Americano. Sandwich was nice. Especially I liked the bread. Eggs came top of the breads and under the eggs, there were baby spinach with some other green vegetables and anise. I wanted to try something different that’s why I ordered this egg with anise but anise wasn’t spreaded equally inside ingredients. The taste was too strong on my bread while my friend’s bread was ok. So I will not recommend you this food but there are so many options on their menu. My recommendation will be the bowls and sandwiches.

Total bill was 21 Euro for one sandwich, one fried egg and two Americanos. If you are looking for a fancy and picturesque place, you can go to Philos Café.

Zagreb – Choco Cafe

Choco café is located at Nicole Tesle street. There are so many restaurant and cafes on this street. If our accommodation wasn’t close to Nicole Tesle, probably I wouldn’t know this place. It is quite close to Jelacic Square.

Choco café’s energy is so high may be because of the decoration and colors. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas. The weather was nice so we enjoyed at outdoor.


We had tomato and cheese omlette, cheese pancake, lemonade and latte. I liked the cheese pancake. It reminds you schnitzel. It was so delicious with melted cheese. Omlette was also so yummy .

Actually, this place is famous for with its pancakes. But I don’t prefer eating pancake as a breakfast. If you try it, let me know. I want to hear your feedbacks.

You can learn more information about Choco Cafe here.

Zagreb – Eggspress

Egg is must-have food in a breakfast for me. If you are one of those, “Eggpress” is the correct place for you.

Eggspress is just a few steps below the pavement with indoor area. They have funny anecdots on the wall. Unfortunately, there is no AC. If you go there in summer, it can be tough.


We ordered “shakshuka” and “omelette with cheese”. They also brought bread basket as a complimentary shakshuka. Omelette portion was huge. It is made by 4 eggs. If you are not that hungry, consider the size of the portion. We also had coffee. All the food were tasty and more than enough to make us full.

Ljubljana – Le Petit Cafe

Le petit cafe is a cosy corner cafe in Ljubljana. Although it is close to old town, location is not a tourist spot. It was the only crowded cafe on saturday morning. It is a popular breakfast place among local people.

Their menu is like a newspaper and there is a small intro about the café on the first page which is so cute.


We ordered eggs “Florentine”, cheese toast, chocolate croissant and lemonade. I enjoyed the eggs “Florentine”. There were spinach, béchamel and Emmental cheese in it. There are so many options for breakfast and portions are big.


Croissant was still hot when we ordered. Just baked and so delicious.


My only dissatisfaction was about the lemonade. It was totally different what I drank in my life before. It was just water and lemon. Sugar was beside it. You need more than one sugar to make it drinkable.


You can have orange juice or coffee instead of lemonade.

Total prices was 13 euros for 2 people.

You can find more information about Le Petit Cafe here.


Singapore – Wild Honey

Singapore was a bit challenge for us in terms of food. Most of the food is spicy. I normally like spicy but it was more than standard levels 🙂

Wild Honey is so close to Orchard Road. When we went there, it was full and generally booking is necessary. Staff prepared a small table for two in the balcony. There is also indoor option. Outdoor is a small balcony and if the weather is so humid, it is better to sit inside.

We tried Ottoman and hangover without bacon. Portions were big. We couldn’t finish all although being so hungry. Both food were so delicious. We drank English breakfast and Early grey tea. This place is special for me because I have learned TWG brand there. Tea was so delicious and it made me to drink again and again. Since thay day, TWG tea is my favourite.

If you stay close to Orchard Road, try this place and you will not be regretful.


You can find more information about Wild Honey here.

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