Gothenburg – Byns Bistro

Byns Bistro is an eye catching place with its decoration. You expect an usual restaurant/bar from the outside but once you step in and turn left, you will see the small, cosy dining rooms.


Most of the restaurants and cafes don’t accept cash payments in Sweden. This is one of the things that we have struggled in Gothenburg. Byns Bistro accepts cash so you can go in comfort, specially if you come to Gothenburg as a tourist.

They bring some tomato paste and bread as complimentary.


We have ordered Moules Frited and Byns Burgare. I am really picky in terms of Moules because sometimes you can feel the sand if they are not cleaned well. Byns Moules was delicious especially the sauce and I have enjoyed it. Burger was also delicious and it is very big for one person.


You can give a gry to Byns bistro and if you try something else than ours please share your feedback and suggestions for my next visits.


Doha – Hudson Tavern

Hudson Tavern” is located at Mondrian Hotel, Doha. I like the hotel concept. It is so fancy, modern and the most important thing is close to my house. All the cafes and restaurants inside the hotel are high profile places.

It is a nice getaway bar after work. You can either drink a few beers in the bar area or you can enjoy with the burgers and some snacks in dining area longer hours.


I like eating burgers but specifically hand crafted burgers. Once you taste the handcrafted burgers, you ask yourself “if this is the real burger what I ate in McDonald or Burger King”. It is a joke. We already know the difference.

Hamburgers are quite big for a person and delicious. And for sure, you need a pint beer to complete your culinary journey.


I also tried their snacks: “Chili cheese nachos” and “fish & fries”. Ingredients on the Chili cheese nachos were so generous and it is enough to make you full. Fish &fries was so crunchy and fresh.

Staff are so cheerful and always serve with a big smile. Haven’t you been here yet? Call your friends and plan your next night out at Hudson Tavern.

You can learn more information about Hudson Tavern here.


Ljubljana – Pop’s Place

Pop’s place is one of the bars located next to river. At first sight, you can skip this place because name is written in small and covered by umbrellas.

Pop’s place is famous for its burgers and craft beers. We ordered Original California Classic and it was the most delicious burger I have ever eaten. You definitely need to experience it.  It is so juicy. And the price is 7.90 euro.


They have quite large outdoor seating. No need for reservation.

I normally just recommend you but for Pop’s place, I will insist you to go. You will not be regretful.