Barcelona – Ciutat Comtal

After a long holiday, I have the motivation to writing again. I have so many restaurants and bars to write from both Italy and Spain. I will give the priority to Ciutat Comtal in Barcelona.

You need to be patience if you decide to go Ciutat Comtal especially if you are going after 7pm. There is always a long queue at the door and you need to put your name into a list. First day, we went around 9.30 pm and wrote our name to the list. We were still waiting by 10pm and gave up at the end because we were starving.

Next day, we went again around 4pm and tried our chance again. Waiting time was approximately 30 minutes and we went to another place.

On the third day, we finally did it😊 We were there towards 4 pm and by luck, we got the table without waiting. And I can say that the place is deserved to wait.

Here are the food we had tried:
Padron peppers, fried anchovies, tortilla, patatas bravas, russian salad with shrimp on top of a slice of bread, mini burgers, fries with egg and beef sandwich.

Padron peppers are my favourite. It was always my first order regardless of where we were eating. Imagine, we found the peppers in Sweden and I have been frying them for the breakfast since we are back:)

All of the tapas we have tasted were so yummy. My only suggestion is that better to go to Ciutat Comtal before you get starving. So you can enjoy with a glass of sangria while waiting for your desk in patience.

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