Stockholm – Glashuset

I found this place by coincidence to be honest. The wind was biting us and we were walking by the sea. Then I saw Glashuset which was very crowded with too much decoration. And I have decided to go inside.

Making a reservation is highly recommended. We have waited like 10 minutes in the queue just to be able to write our name on the list. Then we have waited 30 more minutes at the bar. By the time, my husband ordered whiskey which was looking so cheap on the menu. (65 SEK)

Finally we got our table after 40min and we were starving. I have ordered Poké bowl Salmon sashimi, rice, baked egg, cucumber, soy dressing, scallion and asked to remove egg. My husband ordered Chicken, roasted lettuce, smoked porkbelly, crutons, parmesan and asked to remove pork.

We have waited 35 more minutes for the food. And we were almost leaving the restaurant after a big disappointment.

Anyway, our food came. And my food was amazing. I don’t normally eat sashimi and I don’t know what I was thinking while ordering. But I loved it. It was a big, open sushi.

My husband’s food was on average and it wasn’t enough to make full one person. It was a classic grilled chicken and I forgot to take photos.

Let me tell you something funny. We asked for the bill and SUPRISE! The whiskey that my husband ordered while waiting was 65 SEK (This is our thought) but that was the cl price which means barmen put 5cl and it costs 330SEK 🙂 So please don’t do the same mistake.

If you make reservation, you can give a try but no need to walk in and wait for long hours.

Here is the website of the restaurant.

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