Gothenburg – da Matteo

da Matteo is a weel known cafe in Gothenburg and there a few branches within the city. I have come accross with this cafe in “New York times”. The cafe was mentioned as a best cafe in the town and I have decided to give a try. 

I have been in Magasinsgatan branch. As a first impression, Interior design slammed in my eyes. All the baking stuff and kitchen were open to public and this transparency made me feeling like at home.

They serve buffet breakfast and lunch during day. Don’t think a huge open buffet section, this ones is a small corner table. In addition to this buffet, there are also pastries, pizzas, salads, coffees.

We have tried yoghurt, kokostopp and a sandwich. Yoghurt is not a plain one, there was also some fruits, seeds and granolas. It was super delicious. Most of the people were eating yoghurt early in the morning. Sandwich was a bit dry for me but bread was amazing. Kokostopp is a coconut cookie and it was really light and enough to stop your sugar craving.

I couldn´t try pizzas but they were looking so delicious. If you try please let me know if you like it or not. Even if you are not hungry, you need to stop by this cafe just for a drink to smell the fresh baked breads and coffee.

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