Doha – Paul

It has been a long time since my last post and I am back with “Paul” review. Most of you can think that “Paul” is a chain and it is same in everywhere but the menu is different for each country depends on country’s culture and eating habits. In addition, they have changed their menu recently.

I have been in Pearl branch for breakfast and it is becoming my routine. The cafe is full on every Friday and Saturday mornings. It makes you feel like you are in somewhere in Europe.

Paul’s most popular breakfast item on their menu is “Le Petit Dejeuner”. It includes drinks, bread, croissant, jam and egg. It is very pocket friendly.

Our choice were “Breakfast Bowl” and  “Scrambled egg vol-au-vent”. Both of them were looking so small on the menu and I had some doubts if the portion is big enough to feel full. Once the food came, I was shocked, specifically for the “Breakfast Bowl”. It is gigantic, super delicious but difficult to eat 🙂 You will have hard times to cut the bread but it worthy.

“Scrambled egg vol-au-vent” – You can ask for hash brown potatoes as a side dish instead of salad.


“Breakfast Bowl” – There is a tomato sauce with green pepper and some herbs inside the bread. It taste is like “Sakshuka”.


I can’t think to finish my visit to “Paul” without “Cinnamon and Vanilla latte”. It is my latest favourite. I think it is one the best drink while the winter is at the doorstep. Hope you will enjoy having your breakfast at “Paul” as much as I enjoyed.

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