Athens – Philos Cafe

Have you seen the “Kolonaki” – wealthy and upmarket district in Athens? If not, having a breakfast at “Philos Café” is a good idea to see this luxury part of the city with famous brands’ and haute couture shops, nice cafes, The Benaki museum…

There was a summer holiday in Athens and some of the shops were closed. “Philos Café” was also closed but luckily they were back from holiday on my last day in Athens.

I found “Philos Café” on Instagram before I went to Athens. I liked their decoration and presentation of the food. So I wanted to go and try. Decoration was simple but fancy.  They have also small shop upstairs.


Customers were mainly foreigners. I was expecting more local to be honest.

Prices are above the average but you are in Kolonaki. I assume, it is like having a breakfast in “Nisantasi”, “Champs-Elysees” or “Beverly Hills”.

We ordered “Veggie Sandwich”, “2 fried eggs with baby spinach” and two Americano. Sandwich was nice. Especially I liked the bread. Eggs came top of the breads and under the eggs, there were baby spinach with some other green vegetables and anise. I wanted to try something different that’s why I ordered this egg with anise but anise wasn’t spreaded equally inside ingredients. The taste was too strong on my bread while my friend’s bread was ok. So I will not recommend you this food but there are so many options on their menu. My recommendation will be the bowls and sandwiches.

Total bill was 21 Euro for one sandwich, one fried egg and two Americanos. If you are looking for a fancy and picturesque place, you can go to Philos Café.

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