Athens – Voliotiko Tsipouradiko

You shouldn’t leave Athens without;

  • trying ouzo,
  • listening to Greek music,
  • eating souvlaki.

We were looking for a place with the live Greek music and close to Monastiraki Square. We found this restaurant by chance on our first day in Athens. And we started to walk to narrow streets and followed the music. Here you go. “Voliotiko Tsipouradiko” came across us.

Their outdoor area was so lovely. Tables were under trees and there were frames on the wall. It is a bit far from the touristic area that’s why prices were below the average. There were more local people than tourists.


We didn’t order much things here because we were already full with gyros from the afternoon. So we ordered “Fava”,”Tzatziki”, “beans pilaki” and “Greek Salad”. I normally eat Fava cold, it was heated here. But taste was okey. I really liked Greek version of Tzatziki. They put more garlic and yoghurt is completely solid. Wherever I go in Athens, I ordered Tzatziki even I am not hungry. “Greek Salad” is a good refreshment in hot weathers.

As a drink, we had “small carafe wine” and glass of “ouzo”. Ouzo, raki and arak are similar drinks. Their alcohol percentage and probably the distillation techniques are different. Greek people drink ouzo with ice. So they just put ouzo inside the glass and put a few pieces ices. That’s why it was strong for me and I added some water on it. But it is a nice complimentary with mezzes.


And the music group was so nice, cheerful and you see they also enjoy with you.

We paid 32 euros for three mezzes, two glasses of ouzo, one glass of wine and one small carafe wine.

If you want to have your dinner in a nice ambiance with Greek music and reasonable prices, I highly recommend you “Voliotiko Tsipouradiko”. No problem if you are not hungry. Just order some mezzes and ouzos and enjoy with the Greek music like we did.

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