Doha – Al Sultan Brahim

Here you go is another Lebanese cuisine in Doha. “Al Sultan Brahim” is located at St Regis, a separate building just outside the hotel. This restaurant is a rare found place where you can eat mezze and drink arak together.

This is the second time for me in “Al Sultan Brahim” and it is a nice place for friend gathering. It is quiet and service is nice. In my first experience, there was a confusion about reservation and the seating area and it was a bit bad experience as a first impression in terms of service. But this time, staff was so helpful and kind.

We ordered “Fattouch Salad”, “Spicy Olives”, “Warak Inab”, “Hommos Beiruti”, “Spicy Patato”, “Breaded Calamari” and “Tripoli’s Harra”. And one bottle of Arak. All the mezzes were delicious and portions are big enough to share. They also bring hot and freshly baked pitas. “Hommos Beiruti” was a bit different than what I ate before in “Al Sufra”. I don’t know which version is correct. This version was served with tomatos. But both are delicious for me because I don’t feel like I am eating Hommos.

Arak is similar to Turkish raki. So there is a mezze and raki culture in Turkey, too. That’s why it is nice to find somewhere with the similar concept in Doha. So if you are looking for a place to experience Arak and mezzes together, you can visit “Al Sultan Brahim”.


*Just a small tip about this place. If you order a bottle of Arak and can’t finish the whole bottle, restaurant keeps it for a month under your name.

You can learn more information about Al Sultan Brahim here.

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