Doha – Al Sufra

Al Sufra” is a Middle Eastern restaurant, located at Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha. The restaurant was chosen as “Best MENA restaurant” in 2018 by Time Out Doha.

“Al Sufra” called “Sofra” in Turkish, means “dining table”. And this restaurant offered us an amazing dining table. From cold mezzeh to dessert, everything was exceptional.

The place is furnished in modern Arabic style. The small fountains inside the restaurant and slow Arabic background music are so relaxing. That’s why I think it is a perfect place for friends gathering and business meetings.


We ordered “Tabbouleh Salad”, “Trio Hummus” (traditional, spicy and Beyrouty), “Mohammara” and “Baba Ghanouj” as cold appetizers. “Batata Harra” and “Hummus Fatteh Bil Laban” as hot appetizers. My favourite from the cold ones was Trio Hummus specifically spicy and Beyrouty. If you don’t like Hummus like me, you can try spicy and Beyrouty. You don’t feel the chickpeas taste at all. Fatteh Bil Laban was the best I have ever tried. Some restaurants put more cumin and you can’t taste the other ingredients rather than cumin. But here, all the ingredients were in balance.


As a main course, we ate “Mix Mashawi Platter”. Portion is for two people but if you ordered so many appetizers like us, probably you can’t finish. Lamb chops were juicy and delicious. The kofte was not very suitable for my taste. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to Turkish kebabs ☺️


And finally the dessert part. Unfortunately we could taste one dessert since we were so full. We saw an image on internet and show the waiter to order the same dessert 🙈 To be honest, presentation was better than the taste 🤔It is so light and not sweet. You feel the cream more. So you can try another dessert and share your feedbacks with me.


In overall, I will definitely go Al Sufra again to try their other menu items. Obviously, they work hard to offer good quality food. Keep going and see you soon Al Sufra.

You can learn more information about Al Sufra restaurant here.


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