Zagreb – Boban

Some of you may familiar to “Boban”. The restaurant is owned by Croation footballer, Zvonimir Boban. Probably, football lovers will know him.

Boban restaurant is close to Nicole Tesle street. It is on Michelin Guide 2018. That’s how we discovered this restaurant.

There are both indoor and outdoor area. You need to make reservation for outdoor.


We had one “Bruschetta”, “Rustica”, “Tagliatelle con vitello” and wine. Bruschetta has one piece of bread but it is quite big. If you are two people, one portion will be enough as a starter.


Tagliatelle con vitello was amazing. It includes veal, sage and Grana Padano (Italian cheese). It is a hand-made pasta. Pasta is super thin and melting in your mouth. I am not a fan of pasta but I can be fan of this pasta.


Rustica includes beefsteak with roasted patato, rockets, red radicio and tomatoes. It is a huge portion. Beef was perfectly soft.


We have paid 287 kuna – approximately 40 euro. I highly recommend you to have dinner at Boban. Prices are affordable. It is one of the candidates in 2018 to get a Michelin Star. They deserve it. Try to go to Boban before they get the star. Prices may increase after they get the star. ☺️

You can learn more information about Boban restaurant here.

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