Ljublijana – Sorbara Steak House

Sorbara Steak house is just beside the river and far from the noise of the touristic part.  They have tables outside to enjoy the weather. We found a table without reservation. But you can make reservation to be on the safe side.


There is a steak guide on their menu. It helps you to decide what to eat and how to eat.


They brought homemade butter for starter. I normally can’t eat butter because of its smell but this one was very light and I really liked it.


We ordered Australian rib eye 250gr and tenderloin 250gr. Roasted patato and mixed grill as side dishes. And red house wine for drinks.

On their steak guide, “well done” is not recommended because the steak is wasting the quality. That’s why I had the “medium well” (still not recommended but was the best I could do). I couldn’t eat the “medium well” it was bloody for me and asked them to make it “well done”. Although the meat is “well done”, it was so juicy and tasty.

Chefs really know how to cook meat. And the waiters were so kind. You can listen to waiters suggestions for your wine orders.

We paid 56 euros for two steaks, three glasses of red wine and two side dishes.

If you are a meat lover, try Sorbara Steak House.

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