Kuala Lumpur – Fuego


Having a dinner with Petronas Tower view is a must if you are planning to go to Kuala Lumpur. Especially just before the sunset.

There are so many alternatives but I preferred Fuego because I read so many good reviews.

We had just 2 days in Kuala Lumpur and tried to book a table online for the same night – Saturday night. It was fully booked. We booked another restaurant in the same tower but still tried our chance for Fuego and bingo! Luckily, we just walked in around 7 pm and found a table for 2. If you can book your table 1 week before, then you have a chance to sit at front tables.

View was amazing. Staff were very friendly and gentle. We tried pressed potato, portobello mushroom, the Fuego guacamole, corned beef croquettes and Australian Rib-eye. They were all delicious. 1 portion Australian Rib-eye is enough for two. My suggestion is ordering one portion first and if it is not enough go for the second portion. Just one thing about the mushroom, I think it should have been grilled more and added some more sauces to make it a bit tasty. Otherwise it is just mushroom taste and dry.

Cocktails were also nice. We tried spicy Mojito, Whisky sour and Dark & Stormy.

Bill was around 500 RM. You can pay both by cash and credit card.

Hope you will enjoy in this amazing place!

You can find more information about Fuego here.

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