Everybody has different tastes and likes.

What is your favourite taste? Do you like spicy, sweet, salty, medium-rare, well-done, cold, hot, smoked or raw? Are you a vegan, vegeterian or a fan of meat?

Let’s discover new restaurants, cafes and bars together and improve our tastes with different cuisines from all over the world.


Hello foodies!

I am a 29 years old Turkish food lover. I work for an airline company and like travelling even though I am afraid of planes. What a irony…



Most of the time, restaurants are seen as an expensive option to have dinner or lunch especially when you go abroad. And travellers need to think about their bugdet. You may be wrong if you are not looking for a 5 start Michelin Star resturant …



Cafes are small gateaways for us on a vacation. Just to take a break, drink a coffee, get warm or use wifi or sometimes just to have a cheap breakfast with croissant…


Bars / pubs

Are you planning to get a hamburger with a beer or a cheese plate with a glass of wine? Or may be you will get your aperative just before night starts.